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Form&Färgverkstaden gallery Eskilstuna
The workshop is carried out as a voluntary association and it's open for artists. The activities are financed by local government's contributions and annual subscriptions. The association was formed about 40 years ago. In the premises are several workshops for different graphic techniques, studios for painting and sculpture and a darkroom for photography. The association also carries out a gallery.

The workshop contains two printing presses, one for copper graphics, collography, linoleum and other techniques; the other one is for lithography.

The association has a well-equipped traditional analog darkroom and a digital workstation.

Silk screen printing is called serigraphy in artistic context. In the workshop are the utensils you need for serigraphy.
The Gallery shows both separate exhibitions and compilation exhibitions. Members are free at charge for having exhibitions. If you are not a member there is a charge of 1000 SEK for a week. The exhibitor has the responsibility for insurance of the works, publicity and guarding during the open hours of the exhibition. Form & Färgverkstaden takes no commission on the eventually sold objects.
Form&Färgverkstaden gallery Eskilstuna
As a member you have the possibility to book a private studio for a month. The room is suited for painting and sculpture.

For further information, please contact Tom Holmlund [email protected]

Translation: Merja Virtanen.
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